Mobilink FAQ:


What happened to Mobilink’s Telegram and lack of communication?

Mobilink Token is under a new direction, and we are in the process of re-organizing, with our new management team. Mobilink Token has a revamped business model and moving forward to a more productive and prosperous future. We understand that communication with Mobilink admin and staff has been lacking in the last few months, and investors have seen little progress, we are here to say we will do our outmost to keep everyone informed and up to date on our progress. There may be some non official Mobilnk Token Telegram groups out there, please make sure you join on our proper and official MobilinkToken telegram group If you want to be up to date:  Telegram invite link:  


When will we receive our SIM’s?

Mobilink Token is under new management and we are moving in a different direction. Our deployment of SIM Cards has been delayed indefinitely due to technical delays, complications with the introduction of new 5G  and other unforeseen circumstances. Mobilink Token will be changing its strategy, and it is in the process of introducing and launching more conducive components like Mobilink Wallet/Exchange and the MobilinkSocial Platform.



We are offering to issue refunds to a limited number of people who qualify and that have requested a refund. The deadline for anyone to submit a refund request will be May 31st. 2019. Please send an email to refunds@mobilinktoken.com please provide your transaction ID as well as your email that was used at the time of transaction. We will be processing all refunds between May 1st and June 30th.


What happened to the old admins and owners?

Mobilink Token has been completely re-organized re-structured with a new management team, and the new team consists of several dynamic people in place to spearhead the future progress of Mobilink Token. 


What is Mobilink’s new business model?

We will be making new announcements on our website; we are launching a new Mobilink Wallet/Exchange in the very near future. Mobilink Token’s will also be launching its social networking platform MobilinkSocial where you are rewarded MOLK’s via proof of participation.


We sent crypto funds but never got MOLK’s

If you sent ETH, BTC or LTC for MOLK’s but still have not received MOLK’s in your ETH wallet please email us at: support@mobilinktoken.com please provide your transaction ID, the amount of MOLK’s purchased as well as your email that was used at the time of transaction. We will do our best to help and assist with all your issues.